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Our story

Adonis, The Perfect Man.

A mortal man so perfect that he enchanted the most beautiful Goddesses with his beauty.

Our story starts here, with Perfection. Something that will always remain our goal, but still proves unattainable. More and more often we notice how quickly men forget what is really important, self-improvement, in every aspect of life.

With our voice we want to evoke a movement, the return of Masculinity. A true Adonis is self-conscious, he sees every day as a new opportunity to take steps forward to achieve his goals.

Our clothing has a special design that fits seamlessly to the body, which highlights all the important features of the male body. This aspect is strongly connected to Fitness, which is one of the Pillars of Adonis. Appearance is important, that is why we have chosen to create our clothing with embroidered logos, which exudes a stylish "Premium" look.

Adonis is more than just a clothing brand, Adonis is a lifestyle, a way of thinking. Our biggest goal is to create a close-knit community, a group of people with common problems and goals. Everyone who wears the clothing will carry a message with them, the pursuit of success, for whatever goal they have in mind, large or small.

Are you ready?

We welcome you in advance,

Team Adonis

Adonis, The perfect man, with a flawless physique, heart of gold, and mind of steel, who makes hearts patter and gives girls butterflies in their stomachs with his presence.


Adonis is a Mid- to High-End clothing brand for men, specialized in Muscle-Fit clothing.